Love, Loss and Football

                 So after contemplating what would be the perfect blog post to start off the new site, I decided to go with a recent event that lets you understand a little about me and my life. Through the ups and downs I've always had family near and far. As my family is thousands of miles away in California I found myself extremely lucky to have married into the most amazing family that has accepted myself and my daughter with open arms. With the love and support from both families and of course my husband, I found found joy in even the roughest of times.


                 Sadly we had to say goodbye to one of the most amazing men I ever had the pleasure of knowing. My father in law just passed away from a sudden massive heart attack. Even now, I do not have the words to express just how devastating this has been. Not going to lie, I'm currently wiping away tears as I write this. Before his passing I was working with him on surprising my husband with tickets to go see their beloved Vikings play the Redskins in an upcoming game. For those who are not familiar with sports, those are both major football teams in the NFL. He was so excited to surprise his son and to enjoy the game with him.

                 Seeing my husband in this time broke my heart and I knew there was no way I was going to not make this surprise still happen in some way. I spent countless hours searching for tickets, begging and pleading that someone would sell me decent seats without ripping me off or even just for something to happen. When I received word from a good friend that they had secured tickets I couldn't be more relieved and excited. It was going to happen!

                  As the game neared I was trying to figure out the best way to integrate his father into everything as he was such a big part of it all. I wanted to honor his memory and let my husband know that he would be with us in spirit. Since we would not be getting the tickets until we arrived at the game, I decided to make some of my own. As I spent well over a week of sleepless nights filled with drawing, erasing, redrawing, cursing, crying and drinking lots of wine I achieved something so beautiful and meaningful that was worth it all.

                  The day of the game was finally upon us and despite getting almost no sleep the night before, (I was pretty much like a kid on Christmas), I bounded out of bed ready to surprise my husband. He thought we were going to be seeing his best friend who would be on a mission in Maryland. I couldn't have done it without this cover and his help! So many people had their hands in this and I am so blessed for all of you!

                I had it all planned out from how I would surprise him. He didn't question me wanting to stop at a coffee shop in Alexandria since we are both caffeine addicts. FUN FACT: We met thanks to Starbucks :) It's a long story if you ever have the time and want to ask! By the way, Killer ESP is a must if you love coffee and a fun atmosphere while in Alexandria, VA. As we walked to my car I was anxiously going over the exact words in my head. I almost screwed it up as he had already had a drink in hand and I was telling him to grab the "red bull" out of the trunk. Thankfully he did it without asking too many questions! Below is his reaction I filmed below..... (Hopefully he doesn't kill me for posting it!)

                  He was so happy and surprised! His wonderful mom made sure to include some very special things for him to have after the surprise. I had a hard time not breaking down. This moment was so special to all of us. We also received another surprise after we got to the game. We found out the tickets came directly from the Vikings and were a gift. I was floored and couldn't believe how thoughtful they were! This meant the world to my husband and I. I definitely was not expecting that. To say I am grateful is an understatement! If I was not a diehard 49ers fan, they would have a new fan :) I still have so much love for the team especially after this. Sadly they lost the game but it was quite the nail bitter and we enjoyed every minute of it!

                 Thank you so much for all of you who have taken the time to read this. I almost didn't post this as it is so personal. I've learned that sometimes it's ok to put yourself out there and be personal. We all go through so many ups and downs in our lives that sometimes it seems impossible to find that rainbow. Just know that there is a rainbow even if you can't see it right away. Life is so precious and I'm beyond privileged to be a part of so many of my client's special moments <3


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